beautiful websites for less
How it works

pick a template

First we'll sit down and talk. We'll discuss your ideas and your business's needs.

Once the purpose of your site is clear we'll pick a template that best suits you and your business.


With the briefing fresh in mind, your chosen template gets customized with your photo's, colors and fonts.

All kinds of changes can be made to the template so that your site is truly unique.


We'll sit down and discuss the website. Is it to your liking? Does it need some tweaking?

Once satisfied we're ready for launch.

And there you are! Your beautifully customized responsive website.

7 templates, thousands of possibilities


Your site works beautifully on all screen sizes. From desktop to smartphone.

1 template, 3 options

Use video, sliding or still images to give your site it's own personality.


With millions of colors available your site will shine with your brand's colors.


A choice of over 40.000 fonts will give your site that personal touch.

custom google maps

Maps customized to fit your site and brand colors. Optimized to ensure your visitors find your business with ease.

google analytics

Get valuable information from your site so you can grow your business even further.



€2154,00 incl. BTW


Ranging from contemporary one page sites to classic multi-page sites, there's bound to be something for you!

Best suited for small businesses like restaurants, hairdressers, bike shops, tattoo artists and many more.


€2655,95 incl. BTW


Grid based templates perfectly fit for showcasing portfolios. The perfect templates for photographers, designers, illustrators and all other creatives.

Designed to make your work shine.


€3354,00 incl. BTW

from scratch

A site designed & developed from scratch. Truly unique and built according to your wishes.

A website just the way you want it.

Starting from € 2795,00 excl. BTW



Can you design a logo for me?

Yes. Wonderwall can help you with all your design needs like business cards, flyers, logo's and so on.


Can you build a Content Management System into my site?

Wonderwall believes that an entrepeneur should worry about his business, not if he used the perfect font on his website.

You take care of your business and Wonderwall will take care of your website. So CMS? Nope.


Can you build me a webshop?

No. Webshops are a whole different animal and require a different kind of programming. Custom webshops are also very expensive and for small business owners not worth their ROI.

There are inexpensive tools on the market if you want a webshop. Wonderwall can help you set them up.


Can you build social media feeds like Facebook or Instagram into my site?



Can you help me with hosting my domain?